The Deanship of Student Affairs:
Qassim University realizes the importance of student activities in the university stage. They play a key role in building and developing the personalities of the students. They also prepare them for the academic stage, increase their cultural and social awareness, and instill loyalty for their country and society. The University, through the Deanship of Student Affairs, envisions the student as the hope of the nation and the pillar of its future. The University seeks to graduate cadres of youth that are distinguished in their academic and personal qualifications, so it stands by, directs and helps its students. Hence, the University, through the Deanship of Student Affairs, has worked fervently in every academic year to design plans for student activities that target the male and female students of the university in particular and the society in general. The plans include various activities that satisfy the abilities and interests of university students. They also focus on the young men and women and their separate concerns. In addition, they are not without programs that serve the individual and the community, so the benefit extends to the country and its citizens.
The Deanship, through its services, activities, and programs, seeks to manifest the talents of the students, to improve their personalities, and increase their confidence in themselves and their communities. It nurtures them academically, socially and financially. In addition, it helps them to solve their problems. Moreover, student activities have the limitless support and special attention of the University President. This makes these activities a great success. The university is also pleased with the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Faisal Bin Bandar, the Prince of Qassim, and his Deputy, His Royal Highness Prince Dr. Faisal Bin Mishal Bin Saud since they support many important activities. The University is also honored at the end of every year with the generous patronage of His Highness the Prince and His Highness the Deputy who patronize the concluding ceremony of the student activities where a number of televised sketches, theatrical sketches and poems are presented. Also, outstanding students and the winners of competitions are honored. This brochure is merely a straight forward open invitation to all students to participate in, and take advantage of, these activities. Certainly, the Deanship is pleased with all suggestions and opinions that augment the development of its activities.  
 The Objectives of the Deanship of Student Affairs
Among the most important objectives of student activities are the following:
1.     Re-enforcing the principles of Islam in the hearts of students.
2.     Defining citizenship and re-enforcing loyalty in the students.
3.     Discovering, developing and polishing the talents of the students and using them beneficially.
4.     Participating in the creation of leaders in all activities.
5.     Utilizing the time of students and entertaining them.
6.     Expanding the intellectual faculties of the students in various sciences and arts through cultural contests, lectures, seminars, visits and gatherings.
7.     Re-enforcing the spirit of team-work and social participation among the university’s students.
8.     Preparing students for academic study and the upcoming practical stage.
9.     Training students’ vocational work through training courses and student employment programs.
10.   Re-enforcing the spirit fair competition in the students.
11.  Creating interaction between the students and the community.
12.  Participating in the awareness weeks and the public-service weeks, and encouraging students to do voluntary work.
13. Tracking the ill behavior of some students and working to eradicate it.
14. Studying the academic and social issues of students and working out solutions for them.
15. Preparing direction and guidance programs that help students' academic achievement and develop their skills.
16. Helping students eliminate their social, psychological, and academic issues. 
17. Encouraging students to participate in athletic events and raising their awareness of the importance of sports to health.
18.  Aiding students financially through participation in the collective events.