Vision of the Deanship
Excellence in the admission and registration processes at the level of national universities, and the provision of excellent services to students.
Mission of the Deanship
Provision of best services in the admission and registration processes through the implementation of an effective administrative and informatics system that meets the aspirations and satisfactions of the beneficiaries.
Values of the Deanship
·         Fairness: equal opportunities in dealing with all students.
·         Clarity and transparency: disclosure of the transactions, the procedures, and the reinforcement of accountability and
          integrity requirements.
·         Commitment to the implementation of quality standards: through the continuous development and the implementation of  
          the highest quality standards that distinguishes our services.
·         Teamwork: organized teamwork.
·         Effective Leadership.
·         Accountability.
Objectives of the Deanship
1.      Promoting the quality of admission and registration services, and achieving excellence in all activities.
2.      Maintaining continuous communication with the students.
3.      Developing channels of communication and interaction with the relevant units in the Deanship of Admission and   
4.      Raising the administrative, technological, and informatics performance in the Deanship
1.       Managing The Deanship affairs within the rules, regulations, decisions and directives.
2.       Propose extracurricular activity plans for approval in accordance with the rules and regulations.
3.       Supervision of student’s activities and services.
4.       Continuing the work of the student activity committees and everything related to students affairs.
5.       Proposing the rules governing the activities of the student and determine the procedures.
6.       Supervision of students on the facilities and create the best ways to take advantage of it.
7.       Apply for the issuance of entry visas for the Kingdom for the students (and their families) who were given scholarships in 
          accordance with the rules and regulations issued by the concerned bodies.
8.       Sign the transportation orders for the students.
9.       Issue the decision for the study scholarships after approval of the concerned entity and providing a notice to the Deanship
         of Admission and Registration thereof, as well as issuing the decisions to terminate the scholarships after drop out based
         on the decisions which the Deanship of Admission and Registration might issue.
10.    Issue a permission to spend from the advance payment assigned to the Deanship of Student Affairs in accordance with the
        specified purposes, rules of spending from the permanent advance, but spending for office or house furniture or vehicles in
        included within this power.
11.    Approve spending from the warehouses of the departments affiliated to him.
12.    Delegating the Department of Procurement and warehouses to perform direct purchase for an amount that does not
         exceed S.R. 5000 per purchase request except furniture and transport.
13.    Signature of the Introduction certificates provided not to be experience or appreciation certificates.
14.    Approve giving the ordinary, forcible and exceptional vacations for the staff of the units affiliated to him, and to notify the  
        General Administration for the Teaching Staff and Employees Affair to complete the p[procedures according to the law.
        Direct communication with the ministries, public entities and other organizations according to their profession.