In order to have effective, reliable, and easy processes for students’ admission, the University allocated a special deanship for this purpose; it is the Deanship of Admission and Registration. This Deanship is one of the support Deanships of the University.  The significance of this Deanship stems from the responsibilities entrusted to it, which is the center where the student commences his/her University life as a student until his graduation. Its role does not stop after graduation but the student’s relationship with the University continues through the Deanship. There is an ongoing collaboration between the Deanship and the units of the university, in addition to the governmental institutions, other Saudi universities, and others inside and outside the Kingdom.
The strategic plan of the Deanship of Admission and Registration included its vision, mission, values ​​and objectives which are compatible with those in the Strategic Plan for the University, as follows.
Vision of the Deanship
Excellence in the admission and registration processes at the level of national universities, and the provision of excellent services to students.
Mission of the Deanship
Provision of best services in the admission and registration processes through the implementation of an effective administrative and informatics system that meets the aspirations and satisfactions of the beneficiaries.
Values of the Deanship
·         Fairness: equal opportunities in dealing with all students.
·         Clarity and transparency: disclosure of the transactions, the procedures, and the reinforcement of
       accountability and integrity requirements.
·         Commitment to the implementation of quality standards: through the continuous development and the
       implementation of the highest quality standards that distinguishes our services.
·         Teamwork: organized teamwork.
·         Effective Leadership.
·         Accountability.
Objectives of the Deanship
1.      Promoting the quality of admission and registration services, and achieving excellence in all activities.
2.      Maintaining continuous communication with the students.
3.      Developing channels of communication and interaction with the relevant units in the Deanship of
       Admission and Registration
4.      Raising the administrative, technological, and informatics performance in the Deanship
The Dean of Admission and Registration Deanship is in charge of the Deanship, in addition to two vice deans: a Vice Dean for Admission Affairs and a Vice Dean for Registration Affairs. The Deanship incorporates a number of sections, namely: Admission Section, Registration Section, Grants and Allowances Section, Records and Documentations Section, the Section for Graduates’ Affairs, the Section of Student Services, and the Section of Management and Administration Affairs. The Deanship, in all its sections, works to achieve its motto: Fairness in dealings... Ease of service... and, Adequacy of implementation.
University has developed through its strategic plan a set of strategies to achieve its goals related to improving the admissions and registration processes, (strategy 3-2) "Excellence in the Admissions and Registration Processes:, and also (Strategy 3-1) "Reducing the Number of Students in the Undergraduate Level” in disciplines of less demand, and the expansion of graduate programs in the disciplines of more demand.