The Administration of Student Activities:

          The Administration of Student Activities is one of the administrations within the Deanship of Student Affairs. It is concerned with all the various kinds of extra-curricular activities. These activities are of great importance in building an integrated, strong and confident personality in the student which enables him/her to face the different challenges of life. They are also a chance to invest time and practice hobbies in a way that provides the student with several character developing experiences through participating in various activities- activities that develop talents and creativity in the students. In making each plan, it is taken into consideration that students have the major role and that they are encouraged to participate in, interact with, and benefit from the activities. It is worth mentioning that the colleges and deanships of the university, and the activity supervisors in the colleges, exert great effort in the preparation and execution of the plan.

The Administration of Student Activities is comprised of:

1.     The Cultural Activities Unit

2.     The Social Activities Unit

3.     The Theatrical Activities Unit

4.     The Athletic Activities Unit

5.     The Center of Creativity and Skill Development

6.     The Scouting Unit.

There are also student activity units in the premises of the college buildings off campus.

Benefits and Advantages of Participating in Activities

  1. Building the personality of the student.
  2. Building strong relationships between the university students and staff members.
  3. Raising the cultural and academic knowledge of the student.
  4. Manifesting and developing the talents and abilities of the student.
  5. Generating greater opportunities to participate in on and off campus activities.
  6. Encouraging students to compete for prizes and awards.
  7. Awarding participating students Letters of Appreciation.
  8. Receiving honors in the activity conclusion ceremony.